My First Blog Post

Hello! Welcome to Real Momma Ramblings. This is going to be a compiling of my random thoughts, struggles, goals, and maybe even a recipe or two. I have been reading many mommy blogs over the past few months and really enjoy reading what other moms have to say. I recently thought ” maybe this is something I could do.” So here I am starting my very own mommy blog.

Now I can’t guarantee there is going to be anything insightful or remotely interesting on here. I will be writing random things that come to mind or random bits of information. I will post things about my life and the goings on of my day. Who knows, maybe I will say something that will inspire you!

Being a stay at home mom can sometimes make you want to do something just for you. To have something that is yours and yours alone. Because, let’s face it, nothing you do is your own when you are a mother. Nowhere you go is private. Going to the bathroom becomes a one women show. I always have an audience. This blog how ever is mine. Something that I have control of and can come and go as I please. True, I still have an audience (you, my readers) but that is my choice. I choose the things I want you to read and know about. I feel like I now have a little place that I can go to get away for a moment. Even if I happen to have two boys hanging off of me as I write.


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