30 Days to Yelling Less Project!

I have a confession to make. I am a yeller. You wouldn’t know that by being around me though. Out in public I try to be calm (for the most part) and try to communicate in a normal tone of voice. At home I attempt to do the same but when provoked, which is often, I turn into a completely different person. I yell and sometimes scream my frustrations out at my kids. And the worst part is, sometimes my yelling doesn’t even make sense. It is something that I struggle with and feel guilty about all the time. I have been like this for about a year I’d say and I’ve known for a few months that it is becoming a huge problem.


I Have a Problem. That is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Admit you have a problem. I have confided in a few people in my church. I feel confidant in telling these select people things I struggle with because I know that they will not judge me and I know that if I am going to succeed in any goal I set for myself I will need lots of prayer. I know that only God can help me stop yelling and become the mom I want to be.


A while ago I came across a website called The Orange Rhino. She was a mom who was struggling with yelling at her kids too! She had the same guilt and knew that she needed to make a change. So she decided to create the Orange Rhino Challenge to not yell for a year. 365 days! I read some of her posts and was interested but I honestly wasn’t ready to take on such a big goal. So I kind of forgot about it. I had liked her Facebook page but I didn’t really pay attention to it or visit it much. It was pushed to the back of my mind and I went back to feeling guilty and horrible again.


Yesterday I was scrolling down my news feed and there was a post from The Orange Rhino. She was doing a 30 day challenge to yell less. After having a few days filled with yelling and guilt, it was exactly what I needed. So I decided to sign up. I am determined to change the way I treat my children and 30 days seems like a much more attainable goal.


Every day she sends an email out to those who signed up with actions, thoughts, tips, and relevant blog posts to help you achieve your goal. It starts today. I am going to try to post about it every day. I encourage anyone who struggles with yelling and wants to make a change to please check out her page (HERE) and make your own commitment. Her email challenge closes registration today but you can view her Facebook page (HERE) to get daily tips and encouragement.


I am nervous about this. I know it is going to take a lot of work and LOTS of prayer. But I know that in the end it will be worth it.


*Disclaimer I am aware that this will not change me over night and that completing this challenge will not make me perfect nor will it take the urge to yell completely away. I am human. I will make mistakes. Realizing my mistakes and taking steps to correct them is what matters.


Please feel free to follow my blog so you can be notified when I post more on the 30 Day Challenge.


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