30 Days to Yelling Less: Days 2 & 3

Well I didn’t get to writing about day two. There wasn’t too much to report. The boys stayed at their grandparent’s most of the day so the little time I had with them was more manageable. I just needed to watch my yelling at bed time. Mommy can get real testy when the boys are doing everything in their power to stay up just a little longer.


Day 3, however, was quite the challenge. I was good for most of the day. Just your typical crazy day of little boys fighting and driving mommy crazy. I lost my cool a few times but managed to keep it under control. The afternoon on the other hand was where it got iffy.


Fridays are grocery shopping days. Well every other Friday that is, payday! We tried to get out of the house early so that we could get shopping done before dinner. Well that didn’t happen. Mommy and Running Man (Daddy) were distracted getting ready for our weekend plans. We didn’t manage to get out of the house until 5:00pm. This meant that the children as well as mommy, who had a killer head ache, were hungry. So we stopped to get fast food. GASP! I know. I know. But sometimes you just have to. So we get all the way out to the store and right before we pull in I realize I FORGOT THE LIST! Usually I would just wing it but I had a lot of specific things I needed for dishes I was making for two parties. So we drove all the way home again and then all the way back to the store. So now we were in the car for over an hour.


The kids were of course tired and cranky and we haven’t even begun shopping yet. I managed to keep my cool in the store because we were in public but I was on the verge of exploding. Spunky Boy (oldest) was not listening to anything Mommy or Running Man said. Everything in the store was fair game to be touched or picked up or knocked down. By the time we got home I was in a horrible mood. I managed to keep my voice down but I still had a terrible temper and was not a very happy momma putting the kids to bed.


I do not feel like day 3 was a success. Even though I didn’t yell I still managed to have a bad temper and was not a very pleasant person. But I didn’t yell. So I guess that is a step in the right direction.


This is going to be a looong month.


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