“Happily” Never Ending

Photo by StockphotoPro Images

Photo by StockphotoPro Images

          Who really loves cleaning? I realize there are some people who like to clean. It gives them a goal, and makes them feel accomplished. There are some people who don’t like to clean but have to have cleanliness so they clean out of obsession and fear. Then there are people like me. I hate it. Not because it’s boring or gross or that I don’t mind mess. It’s that, no matter how much I do, at the end of the day it doesn’t look like I cleaned at all.

If I had to pick one thing I hated doing the most I would have to say DISHES.

What’s that you say? What about a dishwasher? Um, you’re looking at her. (Well not really looking  but you get the point.)

            One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear or read people’s complaints about washing dishes. About how it never ends and how they just don’t see the point. At first I’m all “preach it sister!” but then I find out they have a dishwasher. EXCUSE ME?  I’m sorry you have to load all those dishes into a machine that washes them for you while you can be off playing with your kids, or doing other house work, or writing the world’s greatest novel. It must suck having to go back an hour later and take out the clean dishes and dry them and put them away. I can’t believe that after dinner at night you can gather up all the dishes, put them in, and have it running while you sleep. Must be tough.

Let me walk you through a day of dishes at my house. (Yes. I said  day.)

            I wake up and get the kids fed. I then add breakfast dishes to last nights dinner dishes. Yes I didn’t do them. Because after the day I had I was ready to snuggle with Running Man (husband) on the couch and zone out watching TV while the kids were in bed.

            I then clean out the sink and fill it with water, soap, and crusty sticky plates. I let them soak for a few minutes. The boys want me too read to them and won’t be quiet until I do. So I sit and read while they soak. Then I pry the boys off me to get back to the kitchen. When I arrive at the sink I see that all my water drained out because I have an old sink and new plugs don’t fit right and if I don’t get it in just the right position it leaks. So I fill the sink again. I manage to get about 4 things washed before my 4 year old comes in and asks for juice. I get him juice and of course I have to get little brother juice too. Once satisfied and happy, the boys leave and I manage to empty the sink.

            But alas, that was only one load. So I drain about half the sink and fill it back up with hot water. In goes the second load. Just as I pick up the first cup I hear a scream and run out to find little brother sitting on big brother’s head. I pry him off and scold him while trying to comfort the other. Once the situation is handled I go back to  washing again. Probably an hour has passed by now and I’m not even done with the second load.

            A little while later the boys need a snack. They take a few minutes to decide what they want and I pour the crackers into the bowls and sit them at the table. Oh yeah they need more juice too. Back now to the sink, I finish the second load. Then I pause for a little break. The dish drainer is too full to put more in. I play with the boys for a bit. Then I go back in and dry the dishes, put them away, and work on the last bit on the counter. I hear another scream and look to see big brother taking little brother’s blanket. I go and break up the fight. As I’m walking back to the kitchen my little one informs me that he did a “ew poo poo”.  So, I change the diaper. I then read another book because they can’t possibly go on with out one more story.

I make it back to the kitchen and start washing again. (The water is cold now so I have to fill the sink again.) I’m not quite done yet when both boys come in. They are hungry. I look at the clock.

Lunch time.

            I make their lunch and feed them and clean up their mess. Now all those dishes are on my freshly cleared counter top. (and some dishes still in the sink). I put the boys down for  nap and quiet time, my oldest doesn’t nap any more, and collapse on the couch with my lunch. Oh look another dish, another fork, another glass. It is now well after 2pm. I go back into the kitchen to finish the dishes before Running Man gets home. I clean the lunch dishes as well as start soaking the pots from last night. Forgot about those. I may have  a pot from a few days ago as well.

            Then Running Man gets home and what does he do first? Goes straight to the kitchen and places his lunch containers on the counter.

            By this time I give up and declare myself done until I need to scrub the pots so I can start cooking dinner to dirty more dishes.

So there you have it. A whole day of dishes. Now, not all days are like this. But this is a pretty common occurrence at my house. I hate the feeling of working and not actually accomplishing anything.

What household chore do you hate doing most?

Daily Prompt from the Daily Post.


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