I Hate Butterflies

It’s true.

I know what you must be thinking…that that is so ridiculous.

I realize that many [if not most] people love, like, and/or coexist with these so called “beautiful creatures”.

Not me. I also realize that hate is such a strong word but it might not be strong enough to describe exactly how I feel about these hideous beings.

Loathe? Despise? disgust?

Did you know there are actually people out there that have a legitimate fear of them?


Now I can’t say that I’m afraid of them. Not truly. I mean I know that they are not going to hurt me, although they could cause harm unintentionally. I once read a true account of a person who was riding their bike when they were a kid and a butterfly flew in their face and caused them to crash. They fell into an in-ground pool and their pants got caught in the bike pedals and they almost drowned. That would surely cause someone to be afraid of butterflies.

No butterfly has ever caused me harm, intentionally or otherwise, but I still don’t like them. I hate all bugs. And people don’t seems to realize that butterflies are bugs too. They are.  Their “pretty wings” don’t fool me. They still have nasty bug bodies. They are ugly under the pretty exterior. Much like the things of the world.

When ever I see a butterfly I immediately tense up. I can’t help it. Everything in me starts to crawl. Like that horrible feeling you get when someone drags fingernails on a chalk board or with the sound of metal against metal. If one were to land on or very near me I freak out. I guess it is a fear. A very irrational fear. But really it’s just a deep deep loathing.



Horrible News

Today I just learned some horrible news. While at my local library with my kiddos I was looking at the schedule for the summer preschool story time and took note of the very first session. It was entitled “Exploring Butterflies”

Upon reading those words I immediately tensed up, but continued to read the description of what will take place during this session. They will be hearing stories and singing songs and playing games and making a craft all pertaining to butterflies. Ok…I can deal with that. Pictures of and reading about butterflies make me uneasy, but I don’t actually have to touch or be near one so I could handle it I think. But then the last sentence sent chills through my body and I’m sure the color drained from my face.

“Children will also be exploring a butterfly garden.”

I’m sorry… a what??!

I mean, I know what a butterfly garden is but where was said garden? I’ve never seen one nearby, thank goodness!

I politely asked the librarian where this would be taking place.

“Why here”, she said. “soon they will be planting flowers in the reading garden that specifically attract butterflies.”


Why does this bother me other than the fact that it deals with butterflies?

Well, I live ONE block from our town library!!!

For those of you who live in big cities and don’t know what a small town block is like it’s about 2 to 3 houses and 1 church away! That means That not only will I have to walk past the library many times to get anywhere in this very small town, they might find their way to MY yard!!

Just the thought is making me freak out. Yes, I’m sure there has been the occasional butterfly near by. I can deal with that. I just wait for it to move on or run in the house till I am sure it’s gone. But this will mean more than one butterfly. We could even be talking swarm here. SWARM! This is NOT a good word.

I am freaking out…Freaking. OUT!


4 thoughts on “I Hate Butterflies

  1. This cracked me up but not because I found it funny but because I am the exact same way as you!
    People always laugh at my fear and the best way I can describe butterflies is by saying they’re plain evil.

  2. Oh my gosh same! I always thought that I was alone on this but I’m glad I’m not. I absolutely hate butterflies and don’t even get me started on caterpillars! They make my skin crawl and I refuse to be in close proximity with either one of them. My school had that butterfly garden nonsense when I was in kindergarten and I guess you can call it a traumatic experience but after a butterfly landed on me I WAS DONE. Now I can’t stand lady bugs, butterflies and caterpillars and I don’t care how harmless they can be, they’re colors and patterns make me cringe. If I saw one in a textbook by accident best believe that book would get shut and thrown swiped off the table immediately.

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