Square Backed Soul

I have recently been looking at some of my writing from way back. Some of it I like, some not so much. But I have decided to do a Throw Back Thursday Series. I am going to share some of my writings with you. I will try to write the back stories if they have them or if I can remember them. I welcome your thoughts. (Keep in mind that most of what I will be posting was written between the ages of 17-20.) I have not altered them except to correct some obvious spelling errors.

The idea for this piece formed, if I remember correctly, at a little folk concert at a local coffee-house that sadly is no longer in business. It was a Christian band and the songs they were singing were all about people who were struggling and trying to survive in this world of pain. I was sitting there trying to imagine what someone would feel like if they were hearing God’s message for the first time…or for the 20th time, they just never stopped to actually listen to the meaning. I tried to think about the thoughts that might be going on in their head. I thought about what it would look like to someone who was watching this person’s inner turmoil from the outside.

 Of course, I look at it now and see how I would want to change it and write things a little differently but I wanted to show what I wrote then.  So Here it is.

Square Backed Soul

Hey there Square Backed Soul

what are you thinking?

are you thinking this is bogus?

‘cuz I see it in the way

you sway from side to side

you’re nervous and unsure

about the things they say

but let me tell you

there is nothing wrong in doubting

the things in your life

there is truth in the words they sing

your sharp corners

bump against new ideas

determined to shape you

a new state of mind

but you sharpen yourself

with excuses of hypocrisy

of legalism

and fear of rules

the definition of freedom

according to the world

rests heavy on your mind

please listen to the real meaning

behind the things spoken

let the rhythm of the music

guide you on your way

his arms are open

waiting for you to hear

the secret message whispering

I love you


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