Just One Hug

It’s Throw Back Thursday time! I am so enjoying reading some of my old poems and musings. It brings back so many memories!

This one I love because it is about my husband before we even started dating. Back when I was a love sick teenager and I was convinced that he didn’t like me. At one time that was true. To him we were just good friends for the longest time before one day he just saw me differently. I remember the night I wrote this poem. It was after Wednesday night youth group. We were all hanging out outside and when he turned to go he said goodbye and gave me a hug. It was the first hug I had gotten from him. I swear my heart stopped beating for those quick two seconds of pure bliss.  I remember obsessing over that hug for weeks wondering what it meant as most love sick girls at 17 would have. This poem is kind of corny but keep in mind I was a 17 year old girl in love with a friend, dying a little inside every time I came near him and couldn’t do anything.

Just One Hug

It was just one hug.
But it meant so much to me.
It was short and sweet.
Yet for me the world faded into the background.
There was no one but you and me,
Standing there as you wrapped
Your arms around me.
Your warmth caressing me.
Your scent captivating me.
I wanted to stand forever in your sweet embrace
Forgetting the world and the problems.
Forgetting everything except you and me.
But it ended as soon as it began.
Then back to reality I came.
Back to being your friend.
Back to keeping my love secret.



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