I’ll Get There In One Piece

Throw Back Thursday!

When I was eighteen I wrote a song. I was proud of it. Looking at it now I don’t think it’s that good but this song was my declaration of freedom. Freedom from depression and being alone. God got me through a very dark time in my life and I wanted to document that somehow. So I wrote a song and a couple of friends put it to music for me. I only performed it once at my church’s talent show with one of my best friends. I didn’t write it for any other reason other than to perform it as a way of closure I think, because I put the song away and forgot all about it.

Until recently I hardly ever thought about it, but picking up a guitar and learning how to play made me think about song writing again. So I went into my attic to find it.  Sadly I couldn’t find any of my old notebooks. (We have a big attic and it is just full of boxes and boxes of stuff!) But I stumbled upon a little tape recorder. Yes, cassette tape recorder. It had a tape in it and I was curious as to what was on it. After about two weeks of trying to find a Cassette tape player that works my husband found one (In our attic abyss). And What was it? A very rough recording of my song! I had forgotten that we had recorded it just for practicing purposes. I cringed at my voice and the cheesy lyrics but it was an important part of my freedom from depression so I am glad I found it.

Who knows, maybe I’ll clean it up a bit and get it put to new music (because I’m really not a fan of the music she came up with). But for now, I’ll just share it on here for you all to see. Enjoy. Feel free to let me know what you think. Comments are always welcome.


This is the day

I will survive

I will see the morning

I will see the sunrise


I’ll walk straight a head

And never look back

I won’t break down

I will not crack


‘Cuz I know who I am

And who I want to be

I don’t know where I’m going

But I’ll get there in one piece


Sometimes I feel I’m falling

But I always land on You

You take my problems and my fears

And cleanse me, making me brand new


My vision at times is clouded

And I can’t find my way

But I trust in You and know

That I will seize the day


With you I know I’m always safe

And I know I’ll be ok


‘Cuz I know who I am

And who You want me to be

I don’t know where I’m going

But I’ll get there in one piece


I’ve changed so much

And I’ve grown a lot

I’ve learned to trust in You

[for the life of me I can’t make out what were singing here…:( ]


You always hold me up

And always guide the way

Sometimes I lose my grip

But You’ll get me through the day


‘Cuz I know who I am

And who You want me to be

I don’t know where I’m going

But I’ll get there in one piece

Yeah, I’ll get there in one piece

You’ll get me there in one piece

Wow that was a long song…I think I am definitely going to work on it and make it better. I will be sure to post it when I do.


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