A New World – Flash Fiction

Warmup Wednesday! 100 word story.

CC2.0 photo by Jose Maria Cuellar.

Oh Venezia! CC2.0 photo by Jose Maria Cuellar.


Max was stunned.

It was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. All the stories he’d heard as a young boy had been true. There did exist a world where fire lit the sky each morning, bathing the land in golden light.

He stood, motionless, staring at the expanse of this new world. This wonderful, breathtaking place was the only hope for his starving people.

“What are you, a statue? Let’s keep moving!” The commander shouted.

Max tore his gaze away, the world dimming around him as his eyes adjusted. This was his new home, his future.


3 thoughts on “A New World – Flash Fiction

  1. You’ve done great with the word limit 🙂 I like doing stuff like this too. We do a 15 minute challenge on our site where you get a random genre and title and 15 minutes on the clock to come up with something. You should try it sometime!

    • Thank you. I will definitely check it out. I don’t know If I’d be good with such a short time frame though… Does that include edit time? Because I can write a short story like this in mutes but it takes forever for me to comb through it and correct grammar and spelling errors.

  2. We tend to allow each other to finish the sentence and edit things like punctuation and stuff briefly. It is quite daunting but I think you’d be surprised what you can come up with. Gives you a real buzz too 🙂

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