When Fear Rules Your Life

Double doors stood between Sarah and her future. She was afraid of what might be behind them. Not knowing drove her crazy but, at the same time, she was safe where she was. Cozy in her world she had worked so hard to create. Stability was her anchor. Behind those doors was unpredictable, inconceivable. How anyone could take such risks with their lives was beyond her.

But she was suffocating. Her lungs burned for new oxygen. The monotony begged her to open the doors. Her fears were stronger, though, and repeating thoughts stopped her.

What if you stepped through those doors and died? What if that was your final act?



This was my entry in Micro Bookends 1.35. I was so wrapped up in my idea for the bookends (Double and Act) and trying to get it done in time (submitted this 16 minutes before the dead line) that I forgot to incorporate the photo into the story. You could reach really far and say that I used doors in my story and cars have doors… but I fear your fingers would slip and you’d come crashing down.

Anyway, I thought I’d post the story even though it was a total fail. 😉

Photo Credit: Kamyar Adl via CC.

Photo Credit: Kamyar Adl via CC.


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