Six Word Stories: The Challenge, No. 4

Check out the top #sixwordstories for last week’s challenge. After you’re done, take a look at this week’s challenge. Writing a story in six words is harder than it sounds.

A Hopelessly Wandering Mind

It’s that time of the week again, to announce this week’s winners and set a new challenge. Once again, dozens of entries have come to me over the past seven days, all of them brilliant in their own way. The following are just the ones that appealed to me most at the time I read them in the frame of mind in which I found myself at the time, which is I think the only way in which we can ever judge fiction. But, hey, that might just be me…

Anyway, here are the runners up for last week’s prompt of murder:

An “accidental” overdose – my revenge complete. (D.S. McKnight)

With poisoned lips, she kissed him. (Real Momma Ramblings)

Her murder, an accident she planned. (HumaAq)

And this week’s winner:

Everyday, he cradled his wife’s murderer. (Ruminations of an Overthinker)

So there it is, four more great winners among…

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5 thoughts on “Six Word Stories: The Challenge, No. 4

  1. How does this work – i didn’t really see good instructions for submissions anywere? The pictures are the writers’? Or optional pictures?

    I’m going to stalk you a bit and find other short writing challenges.

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