Day 37 : The Truth is…

I want to be a social person, so I make plans but then immediately regret it.


I just recently locked myself in to a two day social event in April….so now I have a month and a half to worry and fret and regret. Why do I do this myself?


“The truth is” – An (almost) daily post where I share a truth. It could be something personal, it could be something funny, or something totally random…you never know what you are going to get.

Sometimes I just feel like putting things out there…and here seemed like the best place to do it.

3 thoughts on “Day 37 : The Truth is…

  1. When you make a social commitment, trust your choice and go with it. Affirm your desire to be social (we all need others) and try to look forward to it with a sense of adventure!

    • For me the biggest hurdle is my OCD when it comes to social interactions, especially when it is a faith based event. Because my OCD attacks my faith and everything I used to know, it makes being around that kind of thing hard. That’s when OCD is the loudest. It can be very triggering for me. Prayers would be appreciated for April 24&25th.

      I very much appreciate your encouraging words and replies to my posts, Lynn.

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