Tip on Tuesday

Don’t Google the words Mug Cake.

You will come across hundreds of cake in a mug recipes as well as other kinds of yummy mug “minute” deserts like chocolate chip cookies and cheese cake and will feel compelled to try them all.

I have no self-control.


Header Photo Reveal!


So here it is!

My life in one picture.

My new signature header photo was done by Chloe Boden.

Thank you Chloe for for this amazing depiction. It is exactly what I imagined.

Disclaimer: This photo was created specifically for Real Momma Ramblings. All rights belong to Chloe Boden and Real Momma Ramblings.

Franklin on Ice


I live in a great small town. Probably the best thing about this little town is that they have tons of festivals and community activities through out the year. One of my favorites is Franklin on Ice. They have a group of ice sculptors come and carve amazing ice sculptures and they place them  through out the down town park. They make it a big event.  A lot of the sculptures get carved right there in front of you. All the local shops on main street are open with special sales and fun activities and have great food and warm drinks. Then at night they light up some of the sculptures. It is quite a sight!

Now you should know, and you can tell just by looking, I am not a photographer. So these pictures are not the best and do not do it justice by any means but I still wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!


Hunger Games!

Hunger Games!









If only there was a coffee cup that big!

If only there was a coffee cup that big!



These are just a few of the amazing sculptures they had. They also had a throne that you could sit on and an ice slide for the kids to slide down! So creative!

I love my little town.