To be Continued…

While looking for a poem I wrote the other day amongst my many saved posts and documents, I stumbled upon two stories I had saved and hadn’t gotten around to completing. One of them was just a few weeks ago, the memory behind writing that particular story was still strong in my mind. So, I was able to finish it, a flash piece just under 600 words.

The second story, I have a vague memory of writing, but nothing concrete. It was a very rough draft full of mistakes, but there is some major potential there! I left myself in suspense because the story just stopped mid thought. I want to continue this story! The sad part is, I don’t remember anything about it. I have no idea who the main character is, what makes her tick, or what her back story is. And, I have no idea where I was going with it. But there is a great adventure there my friends and I hope to be able to continue it. It may even have novel potential! But right now it is just a one page mystery that I hope to uncover and maybe someday reveal to the world!


My entry in this week’s #threelinethursday.


Photo by Adriana

Photo by Adriana

“It will be a great adventure,” they said,

“filled with fantastic opportunities.”

They Lied.