Late Lines

It took all day to come up with lines for #3lineThursday. I saved them so I could run them by my husband before submission and then I woke up Friday morning. My first thought as I opened my eyes was,  Oh no! I forgot to submit my lines!!! What a horrible way to wake up.

Anyway, I will post them here even though I missed the deadline.


Photo by: Julie Jensen
Photo by: Julie Jensen



Hungry, they devoured numbers and set their sights on power

And though they rose and reigned on lofty thrones

They saw no beauty, forever veiled behind their pride



Poetry/Writing Prompts – #wispwrit

Great news, followers!

Some of you that follow me on twitter may already know this but, I just started a new #poetry/writing prompt twitter account. You can find But A Moment @wispwrit.

I will be posting a one word prompt to inspire you to create something. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9am EST.  While most people do micropoetry (140 character limit on twitter) you are also welcome to go further and create a longer work on your own blog and tweet the link. Not a writer? Do it in your own creative art or photography. Tag whatever you create with #wispwrit.

Not on twitter? Feel free to post it on your blog. Be sure to tag it with #wispwrit so I can stay conected.

These prompts are just for fun. No judging. They are meant to get you creating in your own unique way.

Each prompt will stay pinned to the top of the But a Moment profile page until the next prompt is posted. Thursday’s is still up so go take a look and be inspired!

Be sure to follow me @wispwrit and @RealMommaRamble

I will post the prompt on here too so that everyone can take part.

Header Photo Reveal!


So here it is!

My life in one picture.

My new signature header photo was done by Chloe Boden.

Thank you Chloe for for this amazing depiction. It is exactly what I imagined.

Disclaimer: This photo was created specifically for Real Momma Ramblings. All rights belong to Chloe Boden and Real Momma Ramblings.

Coming Soon!

I am super excited!

I will soon have a new awesome signature header photo!

I hope to have it up for you all to see tomorrow.

I have had this idea in my head of a cartoon drawing I wanted to represent my blog. I am not an artist at all so I reached out to an artist friend who hooked me up with another artist friend.

All I did was tell her what I pictured, showed her the cartoon that inspired my idea, and then she sketched it out.

It is pretty much exactly how I pictured it in my head! It is amazing and I can’t wait to reveal it! So be sure to stop back tomorrow and check it out!