My entry in this week’s #threelinethursday.


Photo by Adriana

Photo by Adriana

“It will be a great adventure,” they said,

“filled with fantastic opportunities.”

They Lied.


Honorable Mention

I entered my poem Gravity [check it out here] in a #3linethursady challenge last week. My poem got an honorable mention from that week’s judge, Taehreh [check out her page here].

Here is what she had to say about my poem:

“The repetition of ‘tired’ in the first line transitions seamlessly into the “ever falling” of the second and is immediately felt by the reader. The last line is simply aching. Beautifully written.” Judge’s Thoughts

I feel so blessed that she enjoyed my piece enough to give it special mention as one of the few that spoke to her. Thank you so much Taehreh!

If you like writing poetry and enjoy a challenge, check out Three Line Thursday and give one of the prompts a try. It’s fun and you get great support from fellow writers.