Tip on Tuesday

Don’t Google the words Mug Cake.

You will come across hundreds of cake in a mug recipes as well as other kinds of yummy mug “minute” deserts like chocolate chip cookies and cheese cake and will feel compelled to try them all.

I have no self-control.


“Un-Stuffed” Pepper Dinner


I love stuffed peppers but buying enough peppers for everyone and running the oven in the winter can get expensive. Here is a very easy recipe that always satisfies my stuffed pepper craving. (My kids asked for 3rds last night at dinner!)



1 Large Green Bell Pepper –Diced


1lb Ground Beef


Seasoned Salt-To Taste


2 Cups (dry) Instant Rice


1 24oz Jar Spaghetti Sauce


1/3 Cup Parmesan Cheese





1. Cook green pepper, ground beef, and seasoned salt in a skillet over med-high heat until the beef is browned and the peppers are tender.


2. While that is cooking, cook rice according to directions on the box in a large pot.


3. When meat and peppers are done, drain meat and add spaghetti sauce to the skillet and bring to a light simmer.


4. Once hot, add sauce/meat mixture to the cooked rice.


5. Add parmesan cheese and mix.


Serves about 4 (In my home it served 2 children and 2 adults with enough left over for the kid’s lunch the next day.)



Disclaimer: This is an original recipe by Real Momma Ramblings. Photo also by R.M.R.

Mayonnaise-less Chicken Salad

Open Faced Chicken Salad Sandwich with a Side of Beanitos Nacho Cheese White Bean Chips
Open Faced Chicken Salad Sandwich with a Side of Beanitos Nacho Cheese White Bean Chips

Yesterday I wanted a chicken salad sandwich for lunch but I did not feel like heavy mayonnaise. So I thought for a bit on what would taste good with shredded chicken and this is what I came up with. It was delicious! The husband gobbled it up when he came home from work and loved it. My kids, however, did not like it so much. But hey, it’s good to have a grown up lunch all to yourself once and while. Enjoy!


Mayonnaise-less Chicken Salad

1 12.5oz Can of all white meat chicken, drained (or one chicken breast cooked and shredded)

1 14.5oz Can of diced tomatoes, drained well}

2 Tbls Tomato sauce

5-8 Kalamata olives, pitted and sliced

½- ¾  Cup shredded mozzarella cheese

 McCormick Perfect Pinch Garlic and Herb Salt Free Seasoning to taste


In a small mixing bowl mix all ingredients together and serve.


*Serving suggestion- Spread chicken salad on two slices of your favorite bread. Place, open faced, in toaster oven on light toast. Once cheese is slightly melted and bread is toasted, place on plate with your favorite sandwich sides like chips or fruit.   



*This is an original recipe by Real Momma Ramblings*