Paving Paradise

Post-tornado Mayflower, Arkansas. CC2.0 photo by Carol von Canon.
Post-tornado Mayflower, Arkansas. CC2.0 photo by Carol von Canon.



Two little girls
tender feet
giggles echo through the trees

Tag! You’re it!

Crackles and pops
the girls dance around the falling ash
campfire light aglow on sun burnt faces

Bike rides and sword fights
falls and bruises
marshmallow wishes under the stars

Summers were once magical
when time seemed to stop
preserving memories in its humid haze

But childhood comes to a screeching halt
as adulthood comes crashing down
like a wrecking ball

Paradise laying crumpled on the grass
forgotten memories scattered
on once sacred ground

Soon to be discarded
paved over
glass and steel to take it’s place


Written for WarmUp Wednesday!







When the Darkness Closes In (Revisited)


For this week’s Writing Prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie we were asked to “share a poem, drawing, story, photo, sculpture, etc that you’ve put your soul into creating. Something that touches on the deepest most vulnerable parts of yourself. Something raw and exposing. It need not be something new or something created specifically for this challenge. It might be your most accomplished piece of work or it might be a piece that you have never shared before. Maybe it makes no sense to anyone other than you or maybe it has gotten a lot of positive publicity. Maybe you sit down right now, in this moment and pour your guts out. Show us what you’re made of!

I shared this poem back in April. I am posting it again for this prompt because it was written in a time of desperation. I was in the middle of one of my obsession episodes where everything was closing in. Everything seemed hopeless and nothing seemed real and I felt like I couldn’t go to anyone about it. Be careful with my soul…it’s fragile.

When the Darkness Closes In

She can not see what lies ahead

Or behind

She can not remember what held her here

Grounded to her beliefs

She can not see a future

Nor remember the past

All she knows is loneliness



All seems grim

She can not pull herself free

But then it passes

As quickly as it came

Leaving nothing but another tear

In the fabric of her sanity