Conversations with a 3 year old – Fire Safety

Fire hydrant 114 CC2.0 Photo by Barb

Fire hydrant 114 CC2.0 Photo by Barb

“Mom, look what I made!” He holds up a play dough creation from a play dough mold.

“Oh, a fire hydrant.”

“Fire hydrant?”

“See, a fireman hooks up his hose here and then points it at the house and puts the fire out with the water.”

“But the house will burn all down.”

“Well hopefully he puts the fire out before that happens.”

“Yeah, but then we will have to clean up our house because it will be all wet and I don’t want to do that.”

“well then, lets not set our house on fire.”

“Yeah, let’s not,” he says shaking his head.


Conversations with a 6 year old – Freaky Science

SCIENCE CC2.0 Photo by Chase Elliott Clark

SCIENCE CC2.0 Photo by Chase Elliott Clark


Son#1: “Mommy, I learned in school that your skin has little, tiny holes in it.”

Me: “Mhmm”

Son #1: “Did you know that?”

Me: “Yes I did.”

Son#1: “It kinda freaked me out. Actually, half the science freaks me out!”

Conversations with a 6 year old: “Bullies”

Photo from Google Images

Photo from Google Images


Son #1: “Dad, some girls were being mean to me and called me names at school.”

Daddy: “Oh?”

Son#1: “Yeah! They called me sugarbuns! And G called me cupcake! I’m not going to be her friend anymore because she called me cupcake!”

Poem by a Five Year Old

This poem was written by my five year old son for Mother’s Day. It was just so precious I had to share.


Oh mommy, Oh mommy,
I love you so much.
I will kiss you and love you
All day and night

Oh mommy, Oh mommy,
I like you to tuck me in bed
Oh mommy, Oh mommy,
I love you all day.



Mommy Olympics

This morning I was asking Monkey Boy how he was feeling. He had spilled his water cup all over his crib last night and was crying because he was all wet. (Mommy’s fault. I gave him the wrong cup.) Spunky Boy over heard me.

Spunky Boy: “When?”

Me: “Last night while you were sleeping. Monkey Boy was all wet so I took him out and undressed him and put him in your bed to rest while I changed his bedding. Then I dressed him and put him back in his crib. ”

Spunky Boy: Wow! You deserve a medal next time you do that!

Sometimes my kids do show their appreciation. They are just so darn cute!


My boys are loud.

Not rude loud or misbehaving loud (Usually). They just love to hear the sound of their own voices.

No matter what they are doing they have to talk or sing or just make some kind of noise. My youngest especially. And it started early. I have videos from when Monkey boy was 6 months old and learning to crawl. If he was moving he had to hum or babel. It continued to when he was walking. It was quite funny to watch. He would be sitting quietly and then get up and as soon as he started moving, his mouth was open and he was belting it out.

The thing about this is it got old real fast. There is almost never any silence all day long. Even My oldest son’s “quiet time” when little brother is sleeping isn’t really quiet. He gets to take toys and books into mommy and daddy’s room and play by himself for an hour or so to give mommy a break. But I can usually hear him singing or acting out a scene with his Legos. I have to constantly take deep breaths and calm myself down. Otherwise I will explode with anger and emotion. Even as I write this both boys are wrestling on the floor screeching and making random loud noises and then screaming when the other one pokes them. It doesn’t help that we don’t have any carpets and very little to no insulation in our walls so sound bounces and carries. Even If I send them to their room to play behind a closed door I can hear everything they say to each other.

So how do I stay sane? Well…I don’t. I can’t do anything with out noise nearby. It is constant. It has even, many times, come between Running Man and I. When he gets home from work  all we want to do is talk about our days with each other. It seems like as soon as one of us opens our mouth they are right there shouting or singing or crying because they can’t find their juice cup. We shush them, get them situated, and begin to talk again and they start to run around going ah! ah! ah! on top of their lungs. It usually ends with us yelling at the kids or each other and giving up talking at all.

I love my boys but sometimes I feel like this constant noise is too much to handle….

Who am I?

Spunky Boy: Lets play who am I?

Me: Ok how do you play?

Spunky Boy: I will pretend to be someone and you guess who I am.

Me: Ok. Go.

Spunky Boy: (he starts running around and screeching and flailing around)

Me: Um………are you being you?

Spunky boy: No (giggling)

Me: I don’t know then.

Spunky Boy: I am a funny sock with a tooth in his nose.

Me: Oh (laughing)

How ever did I not guess that!? It was so obvious.

My children come up with the craziest things.