Endless Possibilities for Terrible Outcomes

Photo by Gidget

Photo by Gidget

There’s too many. Chest tightens. Throat closes.
Can’t… Breathe. They mock me, grinning with closed mouths.
Choices, choices. All leading to someone’s death. I…just… can’t.


Submitted for #3linethursday week forty-five



Terror falls like a brick on my chest
My beating heart, the only measure of time
“Hush now, they’re coming.”


Written for #ThreeLineThursday Week Forty-Four.


CC2.0 Photo by martinak15

CC2.0 Photo by martinak15

Hover over
In daydreams
Just out of reach
Stay a little longer
Before reality returns
Drink in memories
You never had
Stuck in
“What if?” land


Written for #fieryverse

Peace Comes in the Morning

Though winds may ravage and waves crash in.
I stand firm on solid ground, Your armor my protection.
And when the morning comes, Peace shines upon my face.


Submitted for #3LineThursday Week Forty-Three.






Unanswered – #FieryVerse


Silence CC2.0 Photo by  persona.natali.

Silence CC2.0 Photo by


If only

you would sit still


and wait

basking in the silence

only then will you hear

my answer



Submitted for #FieryVerse.

Prompt: Unanswered