And She Does

On Friday everything changed. I was no longer the little girl my father adored. I was a bargaining chip, a promise for a deal.

My view of this world had finally been unveiled, reveling many shades of greed.

I looked at the man smiling in front of me. I could see his plans written in the corners of his mouth, reflected in the dark chocolate windows to his rotting soul.

As I said my vows in the room of silent witnesses, I made a secret one of my own.

One day I would kill this man, setting free the world.



This is the second (read first one here) story I submitted for the Flashverary contest over at Flash! Friday.

Our story requirements:

Must be exactly 100 words

Must start with “On Friday everything changed


Always the Quiet Ones

Writing Challenge: Story in a Haiku

A challenge from Summit Abrams. “Take the challenge, write a story in a haiku. Can you do it?”

They were all surprised
When the quiet kid rose up
Bitter sweet revenge

Rumors – Flash Poetry

So last night, or this morning rather, when I was woken up by one of my littles and couldn’t get back to sleep, I came across Three Line Thursday. Yesterday’s prompt was so intriguing, and since I couldn’t sleep, I decided to come up with something. To my disappointment, however, I missed the dead line.  For this challenge we were given a photo prompt and were to write something about it in three lines with the max of 10 words per line. As a special challenge we were not allowed to use the words Fire, Burn, or Flame.


 With slanderous words

Spreading, ever furious

She got her revenge