Night Time Conversations and Stolen Hearts

The Great Train Robbery; public domain screen shot from 1903 film.

The Great Train Robbery; public domain screen shot from 1903 film.



“Tell me ’bout my Papa again.”

“Again, Tourmaline?”


“OK. One more time.” Opal held her daughter tight in front of the fire.

“Your papa stole my heart the day he walked into the market, drenched from head to toe.  He looked right into my eyes and said I’d like to buy a towel. When he took the towel he winked at me.”


“And we were married that summer. He was the love of my life, your father. I was a train wreck when he died.”

“Do you think you’ll marry again?”

“Only the Lord can know that, child.”



Written for WarmUp Wednesday!

 “This week’s Warmup Wednesday challenge: Include a reference to your birthstone.”  (I included both birthstones for October.)




The Unknown – Flash Fiction

This bit o’ fiction was in response to Warmup Wednesday. We were to write a story or scene of exactly 100 words inspired by the photo prompt. The challenge was to give the protagonist a physical disability of some kind. This prompt was just for fun. No judging or winners. Good practice. I fully intent to enter an actual event soon.

CC, Photo by darkday

CC, Photo by darkday

The Unknown

Laney’s head buzzed.

She couldn’t remember where she was.

Everything was dark. Although, it was always dark for Laney, but her other senses were “darkened” as well.

The buzzing was so loud she couldn’t hear anything. Her nose was clogged with something…dirt.

She had been running then, nothing.

She got up, light headed, and felt around. A hole. She was in a hole. She couldn’t feel the top.


No one answered.

She didn’t remember anything.

Where am I?


The buzzing got louder.

Laney hesitated, scared of the unknown.

She had to get out. So she climbed.