Constructive Criticism

So I have discovered that I share my work on my blog for a reason. I can share my writing online because I can’t see the people who read my work. If they don’t like it, I usually don’t know about it. I can’t read their expressions or see their body language. Trying to share in a group of people right in front of you is so intimidating. I start out confident and by the time they get to me I am a scared little girl, cowering in a deep corner of my mind.

I know I need this writing group because, as wonderful as all my readers and fellow flash writers are, they are usually only pointing out the good things in my stories. It’s a great confidence booster, but I know that some of the stories I submit are lacking something or could use some help with structure or delivery. Constructive criticism would be beneficial in my growth as a writer.

The people in this writing group are great at pointing out things that need improvement. It’s all constructive and not at all judgy or bashing. But with my obsessive nature I know that once they pick apart a story of mine, especially if it’s one I’m proud of, I will dwell on it for days weeks. It will consume me and I don’t know If I will be able to continue it. I fear my original feeling about the story will change thus making it impossible for me to finish. (This is why I can’t write a novel. I’m a mood writer. When my mood changes so does my writing.)

I have been to three meetings now and still have not shared anything. They may be wondering if I can really write at all. I always leave thinking that my work is so “immature” compared to theirs. I know it will do me good to share, I just don’t want to see my worked torn apart, ya know?

It’s a Great Month For Writing!

I have recently plunged myself deeper in to the writing world, becoming more serious, and trying to set some goals. Here is a quick update on my writing life.

1. Last week I was introduced to The Bridge Literary Center. The Bridge is a group of writers from several counties in Northwestern Pennsylvania that get together from time to time for different writing workshops. They are in the process of publishing their second literary journal and are accepting submissions. I was encouraged to submit a few pieces. I am currently having a flash story edited and and working on a few poems for the journal. This is the first time I will be trying to get published in print. Exciting stuff!

2. Yesterday one of my flash stories appeared on The Drabble. This is the first time one of my stories has appeared elsewhere online other than in the comments section of flash contests. Be sure to check out my story here!

3. This past Monday I attended a meeting of a wring group (name pending) at a local library. This group is just starting out so this meeting was very casual. There was just a handful of people but I expect it to grow quickly. I am excited to see how this group develops. Great things are going to happen there, I just know it!


Putting myself right in the middle of the writing community in my area was a very scary thing for me, as I am very shy about my work which is why I was anonymous for more than a year on this blog. But I’m never going to get anywhere if I don’t move forward right? So here’s to new adventures!